Assembly Instructions

Assembling your new BRICK 2.0 insulated cooler backpack is easy! Follow the steps below to ensure your bag is ready for the course.

Step 1 
Locate all supportive hardshell inserts in bottom compartment.

Step 2
Place hardshell pockets and softshell inserts into the bottom compartment sides, ensuring the rounded edges face the bottom of the bag.

Tip: Place the inserts into the zipper-side of the pocket first and create a slight bend to fit the other side in before pushing down into place. Once inside the pocket, ensure the insert is tucked behind the zipper to close.

Step 3
Push large insert on top compartment down.

Step 4
Add hardshell and softshell inserts into top compartment side pockets. Again, ensure the round edge faces the bottom front corner of the bag.

Have questions about assembling your bag? Don't hesitate to contact us!