How to Assemble Your BRICK 2.0 Disc Golf Bag


Assembling your BRICK 2.0 insulated cooler backpack is straightforward. By following these steps, you'll prepare your bag for many successful rounds on the course.

Step 1: Locate Supportive Inserts

  • Open the bottom compartment of your BRICK 2.0 bag.
  • Inside, you'll find all the supportive hardshell inserts needed for assembly.

Step 2: Insert Bottom Compartment Inserts

  • Identify the hardshell pockets and softshell inserts for the bottom compartment.
  • Place these inserts inside the bottom compartment's sides, with the rounded edges facing the bottom of the bag.

Tip for Step 2:

  • Start by inserting the edges into the zipper-side of the pocket first.
  • Create a slight bend in the insert to fit the opposite side in before pushing it down into place.
  • Once the insert is inside the pocket, make sure it’s tucked behind the zipper to close it securely.

Step 3: Secure the Large Insert

  • Locate the large insert designated for the top compartment.
  • Gently push this insert down into place.

Step 4: Add Top Compartment Inserts

  • Find the hardshell and softshell inserts for the top compartment.
  • Insert these into the side pockets, ensuring that the rounded edges are facing the bottom front corner of the bag.

Your BRICK 2.0 disc golf bag is now assembled and ready to accompany you on the course.

Have questions about assembling your bag? Don't hesitate to contact us!