What Does “Grow the Sport” Mean For Disc Golf?

Disc Golf Bags - What Does Grow The Sport Mean

At Star Frame, our mission is simple. Bring people together. 

How do we do it? By offering products that help you enjoy beautiful days outside with your closest friends.

The sport of disc golf has exploded over the last couple of years, and it is our intention to continue to help it grow. Recently, the phrase “grow the sport” has gained traction in the disc golf community. Both in terms of growing the number of players, and in spreading national recognition of the sport.

We asked Luke Hanewall, part of the Star Frame sponsored team, and he shared the following as it relates to the Grow the Sport Movement:

“For me personally, it meant I needed to start becoming more involved with disc golf beyond just playing. I was able to join several clubs, work on my local courses and start creating disc golf content for others to enjoy.”

We love Luke’s take, and it inspires us to do better, too. Our involvement in the movement means creating high-quality disc golf bags and products that allow players to focus on what’s important – enjoying the sport and making long-lasting memories.

So where does disc golf originate? Let’s start with “Steady” Ed Headrick.

Ed Headrick is known as the father of disc golf. He established the Disc Golf Association (DGA) in 1976 to create a new international sport and to develop / promote the installation and use of courses across the globe. In order to help the sport grow, Ed removed the term “disc golf” from trademark restrictions. Ed’s selfless actions began the chain of this sports’ organic growth.

Ed Headrick - Grandfather of Disc Golf - Star Frame - Grow The Sport

Ed designed the modern day frisbee and eventually he invented the first Disc Pole Hole™ catching device. The first formal course was built in 1975 in Pasadena, California by Ed. Before he passed, he designed 200+ courses.

Today in 2021, we have nonprofit organizations like the Disc Golf Foundation, dedicated to growing the sport of disc golf, specifically for a more diverse population of players. Because the sport is easy to learn and a healthy activity for all ages, it is important to help spread disc golf so that more people can enjoy the outdoors and increase their fitness levels in a fun and social way.

We are most excited and encouraged by the many efforts to teach children this sport. Whether it is a local elementary gym teacher or a fellow disc golf enthusiast teaching their nieces and nephews on the weekends, it is the community aspect that adds to this sport’s appeal.

Star Frame make bags for the everyday player – it’s the reason we put a cooler inside of every bag we make. Disc golf is for everybody, and we exist to continue making it more accessible and fun for any person who wants to give it the old college try.