Top 10 Considerations for Choosing the Best Disc Golf Bag

Top 10 Considerations When Buying A Disc Golf Cooler Bag - Star Frame

With hundreds of disc golf bags on the market today, you want to be sure you’re investing in the right bag for your unique needs. Before you purchase, be sure to think through the following 10 considerations to ensure you select the best bag for you.

1. Comfort

Is the bag designed with a comfort-first mentality? For 18 holes or a short practice round, you want a padded bag that won’t dig in to your back, slip off your shoulders, or distribute weight unevenly.

2. Storage

How much space do you need? How many discs do you want to carry? Is there easy access to everything you need while on the course? Look for multi-use pockets that will securely store your discs, food & beverage, phone, keys, wallet, sunscreen, etc.

3. Insulation

Does the bag offer a compartment with insulation and leak-resistant technology? This feature allows you to keep drinks and food cold so that you can remain on the course all day, without carrying a second cooler.

4. Design Sophistication

Is the bag designed for disc golfers, by disc golfers? The price point of a bag typically comes down to its design quality. Look for attention to detail, minimized bulk, and other specific features that catch your eye.

5. Organization

Is the bag organized in a way that makes sense? Read product specifications and reviews to assess.

6. Stability

Can the bag remain upright when you set it down? Look for plastic feet and a durable bottom, like PVC coated material, to ensure stability.

7. Durability

Will the bag stand the test of time? Look for solid construction and high-quality materials.

8. Size & Capacity

Do you need a compact bag or something bigger? Will you be traveling with it or using it locally? Look for the capacity of insulated compartments, disc storage, and any additional storage included.

9. Unique Player Needs

What about your game should the bag solve for? Do you need room for 15+ discs, a large cooler for beverages and food, or something else? Evaluate and find your best fit.

10. Extra Features

What extras are included? Do they matter to you? Examples include large external drink holder, towel clip, bottle opener, sternum strap, insulated compartments, etc.

If you are looking for a backpack designed with 360 degrees of functionality and all 10 of these considerations in mind, the Star Frame BRICK Disc Golf Bag with Cooler is the best fit for you.

Whether you’re hitting every tree you see or losing your disc in the river along the way, this bag is designed for the everyday player who is as happy to throw an Ace as they are to enjoy great weather and drinks with friends. When you see someone carrying the Brick, you know they’re here for a good time.